About us

We are a small family-based business based in Dronfield, Derbyshire which specializes in embroidery and printing services. We have come a long way since we started and have always taken pride in our personal touch, this is why we think DEAPS is perfect for you.

Our Printing & Embroidery Capabilities

  • Diamond MT1502 twin head embroidery machine.

    At DEAPS we currently have 2x of these machines giving us the capacity for 4 garments at any one time.

  • Ricoma MT 2002 8s

    We currently have one of these twin-head capacity machines.

    Overall we can do up to 6 garments at any one time, making larger jobs a lot easier.

  • BROTHER PR1000e

    We currently have 1 of these machines being primarily used for individual names and small badges.

  • R-JET PRO DTF Printer

    We are currently using this machine which allows for direct to film printing meaning no picking and no problems.